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About Marisa Hike

I firmly believe that art connects people, and I utilize my 3D generalist skills to not only reach towards my audience’s needs, but also to contribute towards the aesthetic vision my team wants to pursue whether it’s on a compositional or purely technical level. My values remain rooted in a team mentality where ideas and functionality are communicated in order for each person’s segment of the project to be seamlessly integrated together. Within the fields of art, I specialize in modeling, UVing, sculpting, rigging, and skinning as well as texturing and animating.

Ultimately, I want to help people achieve their goals in life while evolving my own art tech methods. Learning has been an imperative part of my artistic process where I’m always striving to learn more software and better techniques to achieve a set quality and efficiency with my work. If you have any requests for commissions or simply want to talk about art/inspirations, then feel free to contact me anytime! Life is far too short to stifle your dreams, and I would love to live in a world where each person could wake up as excited and determined as I am to accomplish work.

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