Wild West and Wizards Logo

A contract job I’m currently working on where I’m also creating graphics such as the logo and banner art

Wild West and Wizards is an open world RPG where the styles between wizard and wild west need to merge. With this piece I wanted to emphasize the exploration elements of the game.

As somebody who has spent so much time learning 3D modeling techniques, I decided to utilize that knowledge in my 2D logo work as well; I found that technique made the character’s perspective much easier to reproduce in Photoshop.  I knew that the game-play’s intended focus revolved around the exploration of the world, so with this piece I wanted to draw the audience’s eye to the outside world. To achieve this, I made sure that the most contrasting areas were the character, the light emanating from the character’s hand, and the bright light coming from the world outside of the cavern. Keeping my audience’s attention within the piece is also important through my work, so I constructed the cavern in such a way that keeps the eye within the work and also creates a sense of interest as to what’s outside (much like the game’s intention)!

Blue and orange are colors that the developers wanted to focus on with their environments which led me to do the same. I find the glowing, cool blue creates a successful compliment for the warmer, western-familiar orange color palette. The logo also reflects the same core ideas as well as a rune symbol that could also be interpreted as a cross-hair for a weapon.

Wild West and Wizards Box Art

Software Used:

  • Maya
  • Marvelous Designer
  • Substance Painter
  • Photoshop

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