A stippling piece of my hometown church, the First United Methodist Church of Greenfield

Using pen and ink, I decided to create this work in honor of Lane Raiser and Sandra McNeil who passed away. Both left a huge impact on my perceptions of art, work, and leadership. They will always be missed. ♥

Here are some work in progress shots of my stippling process. Basically, I sketch an outline where I block in all of the important shapes. From there I work my way around the piece coloring in the base colors of each shape. The amount of detail I put in is usually mid-way to what the end result will look like. I finish putting in the small details after each chunk has been blocked out.

I decided towards the end of the semester to frame it and place it in Shawnee State University’s undergrad show, and I won second place in drawing! It was so satisfying not only to see my hard work pay off, but also to see the skills I had picked up from those who had passed away earlier that year.


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